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About us

What kind of work can I do through Ekipa?

Our vetted providers can build a gamut of software and IT solutions, be it a site, webshop, ERP system, app, etc., in any technology. You might have already a well-defined project or equally you may have just a project or business idea that you want to discuss. In case of the latter, our experts will help you define and scope the project. Projects may be of one-off type but also may evolve into long-term engagements. Our teams might also augment already running projects. In general, Ekipa facilitates projects of at least 250 hours.

The Bridge Guarantee
Project-team match

How do I make sure I get the best team for my project?

There are two ways to do it:1. If you already have a well-defined (specified) project, you can directly browse teams and search the one that, in your opinion, suit your needs best. Alternatively, you can always select Discuss Your Project option and request assistance from Ekipa’s experts to help you select one (Talk to us)2. If you have a roughly defined project or business idea, Discuss Your Project with one of Ekipa’s expert (highly recommended) who will help you pin down the project spec and select the team. In any case, Ekipa may propose a selection of up to 3 teams. All teams on Ekipa are vetted (thoroughly screened). This way we significantly increase project success chances. We will match you with teams that have built similar solutions for a business like yours. The team proposal we make will contain:

  • A detailed project proposal
  • CV`s of the people who will work on your project
  • The different roles needed onshore and offshore
  • The software development process proposed

Your Ekipa expert stays engaged during the selection and collaboration process.

The Bridge Method

How do I contract and pay my remote team?

Generally, you are contracting a provider i.e. you will sign an agreement directly with a selected provider. To ensure both parties communicate well and deliver on commitments, payments will be processed through Ekipa’s escrow service. It means that you will transfer (regular periodical amounts) funds to Ekipa and command Ekipa to release the funds to your providers, subject to deliveries agreed in your contract (with the provider). For this, you will sign an Escrow Agreement with Ekipa. This way, you can ensure timely delivery from your provider. Also, your provider is protect from ‘accounts receivables’ problem.


How do I collaborate with my remote team?You can agree on your specific collaboration requirements directly with a provider. Ekipa is also here for you to help. We will support you by providing our unique Ekipa Method, with which you can manage your remote team as if they are sitting next to you.

How do the teams deliver?

We promote agile way-of-working and most of our teams apply agile methods (e.g. scrum) to deliver your projects. Typically, projects looks as follows:

DesignYour team will develop an architecture as well as functional design that will drive the development process

(Agile)DevelopmentYour team will apply scrum (agile methodology) to deliver your project. You will have frequent (i.e. bi-weekly) deliveries and you will be able to manage the backlog through the entire project

Application LifeCycle ManagementNo application is still and will require changes (with changing market and business conditions). Agree with your team how you manage those changes

Ekipa Method:

Kick-off workshop: Ekipa Canvas ©

In a workshop, we determine the software development process, responsibilities, coding standards, communication rythm, performance metrics and tools. With clear expectations and a communication roadmap, your project is off for a strong start.

Local Management Support

Your Ekipa expert is always there to discuss any concerns you have about your project.

Weekly Process Meeting

Your Ekipa expert will do a weekly (Skype) process call with you to ensure that the communication with your remote team goes smooth and your project stays on track.

Daily Project Meetings

Every day at a fixed time, you will do a 5-10 minutes (Skype) call with your remote team to discuss what they did yesterday, what they will do today and where they are stuck.


How am I protected?

Local support

Usually, you will sign a contract directly with a provider. However, in some specific cases, you might want to opt for Ekipa local representative signing the agreement (then they subsequently contract the provider). Ekipa invoices you and keeps money in escrow until you accept the deliverables (Escrow Agreement). If anything in the collaboration with your remote team bothers you, Ekipa expert will mediate the resolution.

Property rights

Our standard service Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) ensures that all property rights stay with you. All providers signing for Ekipa automatically agree on these Terms and Conditions.

Work deliveries

Ekipa expert will do a weekly process call with you and the provider. In this meeting we determine what went well what went less well. Also, you will have agreed on the deliveries schedule (e.g. bi-weekly). To maximize your satisfaction with timely deliveries Ekipa applies: - Ekipa method - Ekipa expert involvement - Escrow mechanism

  • How do I get started?
    You can book a meeting with one of our experts. In the form, indicate whether you want to hire a company to do a project or you want to hire full time resource(s) to augment your team. The form allows you to choose the category (the type of work you want to get) and the technology. Next you can give a summary of the project and indicate your preference regarding the location of the provider. You can attach any requirement, drawing or wireframe to your post. After receipt of your project, we will contact you within 24 hours to discuss the project. If you want to hire full time resources, you indicate how many team members you need and what roles you envision in the team. Next, you can enter the technological skills and give a short description of the work the people will do. You can also attach a profile or vacancy. Within 24 hours, our recruitment specialist will contact you to add details to the profile.
  • How do I select the right provider for my project?
    In the provider's profile, you can see what projects they have done before, including client testimonials. Upon request, we can also provide you with references that you can call. The profile includes some sample teams that have worked on the projects. In all cases, you get to do a Skype interview with the provider, so you can get a feeling of the people and the way they propose to work. Only after you are convinced that the provider is a match, you sign a contract.
  • How do I select the right people to augment my team?
    In case you want to hire full time people to augment your team, you can do an interview and any type of test you're using in your recruitment. In the CV's of the people we propose, you find detailed skill listings, strengths and projects done. Your Ekipa expert will assist you in selecting the right team members.
  • Can I do a test project?
    In general, our platform is meant only for bigger projects (above 250 hours work) or long term engagements on time and material basis. If you intend to do a big project or start a dedicated team with a provider, we can discuss a trial period. In that trial period (a few weeks to several months), you can execute a smaller project to see if the match is right.
  • I have no experience in working with a remote team, how does that work?
    The most important is that you get the right people on your project. We cover this by our extensive provider screening. It's also important to get an experienced project manager on your side, which either you or your Ekipa expert can provide. Next, you need to make a strong communication plan to bridge distance, language and cultural differences. We cover this in theBridge Method workshop. Third, we need a communication rhythm with clear performance metrics. This is covered by the weekly process meeting which you do with your Ekipa expert. If you want to know more about managing an offshore or near-shore team, you can download our books, or visit our blog.
  • What's needed on my side?
    The most important role is the product owner or project manager. We have found that engaging a manager with experience managing an offshore or nearshore team increases the success of any remote project. If you don't have that experience on board, we can provide it locally or we can train your employees. You need to have (or get) tools and infrastructure in place that allow for remote work. Think of a code repository in the cloud, a project management tool and communication tools like Skype or Hangouts. And you need to get support and buy in from your people to work with a remote team. A culture of openness, empathy, patience, and willingness to learn helps.
  • How do I know the provider is a good fit?
    We have done an extensive vetting with each provider. Based on our 10 years experience, we know what questions to ask a provider. Any provider on our platform is good. Providers have reviews in their profile from their clients. Upon request, we can also provide you with references that you can call.We look carefully at your business, the technology requirements and match that with providers that understand your business AND technology.
  • I have heard about Odesk and Elance, how is your platform different?
    Our platform contains only providers with minimum 20 employees and a solid track record. No freelancers. The platform is designed for larger projects (above 250 hours) and longer term engagements. We believe for large projects, it's more effective to have a team in one location. We also believe that remote work is best facilitated by strong managers who help both you and the team collaborate and build great software.
  • I could search for a provider myself, why do I need your platform?
    Imagine a stadium full of people shouting ‘we are the leading software firm from country X’, we exist x years and have y happy customers; whom do you pick?. We tell you. Our belief is that great software is built by great teams that know your line of business and technology. Great teams have worked together before, follow strong engineering practices, know how to serve a remote customer and have a rigorous quality program. The teams on our platform are all screened for that, supported by reviews from existing customers. We don't stop at matching you with a team; we also deliver service to make the remote collaboration work. Based on 10 years of experience, we together define a communication roadmap with the Bridge Method. And you get an Ekipa expert to support the collaboration continually.
  • How do I communicate with my remote team?
    You need a set of tools and a communication rythm. First, you need a video conferencing tool like Skype, Google Hangouts or anything more advanced. We recommend video as this enables you to build personal relationships and improves understanding about requirements. Next, you need a solid project management tool (suggested tools include Jira, Basecamp, Pivotaltracker, Team Foundation Server) to structure project communication. To facilitate the communication, we recommend a rythm of daily meetings between your product owner/project manager and the team. In the daily meeting you discuss project-details. Then you schedule a weekly meeting with a process manager who's responsible for the communication between you and your remote team (and who's not deeply involved in the project to avoid tunnel vision). In the weekly meeting you discuss how the collaboration, communication and progress moves.
  • How does Ekipa earn money?
    Ekipa agrees on the price with you, including our service fee. This fee includes team selection and ongoing support from your Ekipa expert.